The solution for the drug epidemic is not prisons… it’s Communities.

Marty Cook

Marty Cook

About Recovery Community Solutions Inc.

Marty Cook is a recognized and respected leader in the recovery community with 20 years of experience building and leading community programs. He is the founder of The Maine Township Recovery Connection, a government funded recovery service designed to connect young men and women with others in recovery, provide support, and social services. He has appeared on WBEZ radio, Chicago Sun Times, Daily Herald, Chicago Magazine.

It has been called,
“The Model Recovery Program” by author and addiction specialist
— Mark Sanders

Recovery Community Solutions has been recognized by the following outlets:

  • Maine Youth Community Assistance

  • Foundation–Community Heroes Award (2017)

  • Township Officials of Illinois-Innovative Program of the Year (2017)

  • Township Officials of Illinois-Best New Program of the Year (2017)

  • PEER Services–Henry White Memorial Award (2016)

Community Solutions:

The nation is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. Lawmakers, doctors and families are searching desperately for a solution, but ultimately it falls on local governments to find a remedy to help its citizens. Recovery Community Solutions brings in a menu of options from community education programs to recovery support and it’s unique and award winning Recovery Connection Program that offers support for young adults who are hardest hit by drug and alcohol addiction.

Statement Of Need:

In 2015 the Chicago Fire Department responded to 2,734 suspected overdoses, most of these involved young adults. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s figures show that in 2016 there were over 1,000 opioid related deaths due to overdose in Cook County, with close to 400 in the suburban areas. In 2017 about 1,500 people died from opioid overdoses in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Emerging Adults:

In the last decade, staggering numbers of emerging adults from the ages of 18 to 32 have been ravaged by the recent opioid epidemic. This has added to the millions already facing chemical dependence, ushering in a modern era of addiction recovery. Maintaining sobriety is a challenge at any age, but those in the 18-32 range face a particularly rugged and lonely road. They have no job, no guidance, no social structure, no friends, and no way to access services. By returning to these settings without a network of people and services to support abstinence, the chances of relapse increase exponentially.


Research has shown that individuals who are provided with social support for their recovery after treatment at in-patient facilities are more likely to establish sustained abstinence.

What We Do.

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Our experience in this arena has shown us that after successfully completing treatment for their disease, many addicts go back to their former, high-risk environments and stressful family situations.

We implement an evidence-based Recovery Community in your city that would organize recovery-focused activities, carry out recovery focused community education and outreach programs, and provide peer-based, recovery support services for young adults.


To save lives, reduce relapse, and provide aid to participants to become productive members of the community.

Actions We Take To Address The Health Need:

  1. Identify and meet with the organizations in and around the local communities that serve the 18-32 year old target population. This include medical and law enforcement agencies. Meeting with them helps solidify what their needs are while simultaneously building a core of support for our efforts.

  2. Find a centrally located facility to offer a weekly recovery meeting for young people to meet each other and get connected with recovery-related community resources.

  3. Conduct outreach campaigns to attract young people and community resources to support them.

Impact & Benefit


Impacts Of These Actions On Your Communities:

  • One stop shop for substance abuse issues in the village

  • Referral assistance for individuals and their family members for professional mental health care

  • On-going support for those already in recovery

  • Education and prevention for the community at large

  • A model community effort that saves lives

  • A healthier community

  • Rebuilding healthier family systems

  • Reducing crime

  • Providing future tax payers, not prisoners

  • Improving a reliable employment pool

The Benefit far outweighs the cost.

Recovery Community Solution is a program that helps municipalities long-term financial well-being. We help cut down on the cost associated with paramedics, firemen and police who have to deal with the drug overdose epidemic. Not to mention the petty and sometimes violent crime associated with drug and alcohol abuse.


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